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Short bio

I am an engineer, turned, neuroscientist, turned data scientist. I am a founding director of SPiKE.AI, where we provide machine learning services to innovating companies.

I was a research associate in theDepartment of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy at University College London, Institute of Neurology. I worked on mutations affecting ion channels (mainly potassium channels) and how they might affect synaptic transmission.

Before this post-doc, and during my PhD and first post-doc at Imperial College London, I investigated the basic biophysical constraints faced by axons, and how these constraints have shaped the trade-offs made by neurons. I investigated these tradeoffs using stochastic simulations based on biophysical data found in literature. The simulations are carried on using Modigliani, our in-house stochastic simulator.


15 January 2016
Quit UCL

I have quit my position as a post-doc at UCL, and decided to move back to France.

27 July 2015
Post-doc at UCL

I have started a new postdoc at University College London. I will be doing experimental work on neurons, hoping to check some of the hypotheses that emerged from my work during my PhD and the previous post-doc.

October 2014
PhD obtained

The corrections have been approved! I am now officially a doctor in computational neuroscience. Hooray for me!

08 May 2014
Paper published
01 April 2014

I passed my viva (oral exam) for my PhD. It lasted 3h30, and was actually a very pleasurable experience. I need to make some minor corrections to my thesis.

05 January 2014
PhD thesis submitted

After a 2 weeks long rush, the thesis is finally submitted. I need sleep!

01 January 2014
Post-doc at Imperial College London

I have started my first post-doc at Imperial College London.