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Short bio

I am an engineer, turned neuroscientist, turned data scientist. I work at Biogen, as Konectom’s Head of Data Science, where I lead a team of brilliant Data Scientists who are trying to discover new ways of assessing and monitoring the impact of neurological diseases on patients’ lives.

I am a founding director of SPiKE.AI, where we provide machine learning services to innovating companies. I also worked as an independent consultant for a few French companies here in Paris.

I was a research associate in the Department of Clinical and Experimental Epilepsy at University College London, Institute of Neurology. I worked on mutations affecting ion channels (mainly potassium channels) and how they might affect synaptic transmission.

Before this post-doc, and during my PhD and first post-doc at Imperial College London, I investigated the basic biophysical constraints faced by axons, and how these constraints have shaped the trade-offs made by neurons. I investigated these trade-offs using stochastic simulations based on biophysical data found in literature. The simulations are carried on using Modigliani, our in-house stochastic simulator.


01 July 2021

Head of Data Science, Konectom

I have had the privilege of joining Biogen Digital Health to work on Konectom, an app that aims to transform the way we monitor and assess neurological diseases.

01 September 2020

R&D Engineer

I have joined Mipsology, a wonderful company working to accelerate Neural Networks using FPGAs. My job is to come up with new, faster ways of meeting the enormous computational needs of modern DNNs.

01 January 2018

Consulting for Quematech

I have started working with the wonderful people at Quematech on exciting machine learning applications as a consultant.

01 December 2017

It's alive

The course is online!

15 September 2017

Python libraries for Data Science

I have started creating an online course about Python libraries for Data Science. The course is part of the Data Scientist path on OpenClassrooms.

21 October 2016

Spike.AI is created

Along with a few brilliant people, we have started Spike.AI, a start-up aiming to deliver machine learning as a service.

15 January 2016

Quit UCL

I have quit my position as a post-doc at UCL, and decided to move back to France.

27 July 2015

Post-doc at UCL

I have started a new postdoc at University College London. I will be doing experimental work on neurons, hoping to check some of the hypotheses that emerged from my work during my PhD and the previous post-doc.

13 October 2014

Paper published

My paper, Saltatory conduction in unmyelinated axons: clustering of Na+ channels on lipid rafts enables micro-saltatory conduction in C-fibers is published.

October 2014

PhD obtained

The corrections have been approved! I am now officially a doctor in computational neuroscience. Hooray for me!

08 May 2014

Paper published

My paper, Axonal Noise as a Source of Synaptic Variability is published!

01 April 2014


I passed my viva (oral exam) for my PhD. It lasted 3h30, and was actually a very pleasurable experience. I need to make some minor corrections to my thesis.

05 January 2014

PhD thesis submitted

After a 2 weeks long rush, the thesis is finally submitted. I need sleep!

01 January 2014

Post-doc at Imperial College London

I have started my first post-doc at Imperial College London.