Machine learning

Head of Data Science, Konectom

Biogen, Paris, France

At Biogen Digital Health, we pioneer new ways to assess and monitor neurological diseases.

Research Engineer

Mipsology, Paris, France

In the applied mathematics department, we explore novel ways of accelerating inference in convolutional neural networks on FPGAs.

Co-Founder and director

Spike.AI LTD, UK

SPiKE.AI is a science hub, comprising of computer and data specialists, engineers and neuroscientists that capitalizes on interdisciplinary thinking to hack innovation at the interface of machine learning, intelligent systems and system design in a wide range of private and public services.


Research associate

2015 University College London, UK

I was part of a large project investigating the impact of mutations on synapses in mammalian CNS. My role consisted in formulating novel hypotheses based on models I developed during my PhD and testing them in an experimental setting.

Research associate

2014 Imperial College London, UK

This position was an opportunity to continue working on projects started during my PhD. Notably: comparative study of metabolic cost and reliability of action potential transmission in myelinated and unmyelinated axons using stochastic simulation. - Impact of channel noise on the waveform of action potentials and EPSPs - Homeostatic constraints on the function of neural fibres

PhD student in computational neuroscience

2010-2014 Imperial College London, UK

My research focused on biophysical constraints faced by neural fibres (energy, noise, time and volume), and how evolution of nervous systems reflects trade-offs between those constraints. I maintained and developed libraries for stochastic simulation of ion channels and neural fibres (Modigliani, available from and used them to simulate models that I created based on experimental data.


IT Security consultant

2008-2010 Solucom, Paris, France

Client infrastructure auditing and analysis. Project planning, elaboration and implementation of IT security strategies for large French companies.

Engineering degree

2005-2008 Télécom Paristech, Paris, France

I specialised in theoretical computer science, including a course on non-classical programming paradigms (Erlang, Haskell, Lisp, etc.) I successfully completed the embedded systems module (ROSE), and followed Dr. Dessalles's courses on artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences.

C++ developer

2007-2008 ANEO, Paris, France

Development of a network performance monitoring application used by financial institutions. I studied different proprietary network communication protocols and made a survey of available timestamp solutions.

PHP developer

2006 Quod Financial - Net2S, Paris, France

Development of additional functionalities for online bug tracking and task management tools.

Preparatory course for entrance exams to Grandes Écoles

2003--2005 Lycée Henri IV, Paris, France


Machine learning and neural computation

2010-2013 Imperial College London, UK

Master level class, department of Computing

Modelling in biology

2011-2013 Imperial College London, UK

3rd year class in the department of Bioengineering

Python for scientists

2013 Imperial College London, UK

Master level class in the department of Bioengineering


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I speak Persian, French and English.